International Conference
in honor of the 70th birthday of Karel Segeth

Institute of Mathematics, Academy of Sciences,
Žitná 25, Prague, Czech Republic
May 15–17, 2013

Proceedings of the International Conference
Proceedings cover

Applications of Mathematics 2013

In honor of the 70th birthday of Karel Segeth
Edited by:
J. Brandts, S. Korotov,
M. Křížek, J. Šístek, T. Vejchodský
Institute of Mathematics
Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic
Prague 2013
ISBN 978-80-85823-61-5

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  Preface i–iv download
  List of publications of Karel Segeth v–xxiv download
  Contents xxv–xxvii download
J. Brandts, A. Cihangir Counting triangles that share their vertices with the unit n-cube 1–12 download
P. Burda, J. Novotný, J. Šístek Analytical solution of rotationally symmetric Stokes flow near corners 13–20 download
R. Castelli, J.-P. Lessard A method to rigorously enclose eigenpairs of complex interval matrices 21–31 download
V. Dolejší hp-anisotropic mesh adaptation technique based on interpolation error estimates 32–41 download
I. Faragó Convergence and stability constant of the theta-method 42–51 download
L. Farina, J.S. Ziebell Solutions of hypersingular integral equations over circular domains by a spectral method 52–66 download
P. Fraňková, M. Hanuš, H. Kopincová, R. Kužel, P. Vaněk, Z. Vastl A short philosophical note on the origin of smoothed aggregations 67–76 download
U. Garibaldi, T. Radivojevic, E. Scalas Interplay of simple stochastic games as models for the economy 77–87 download
L. Gerardo-Giorda Numerical approximation of density dependent diffusion in age-structured population dynamics 88–97 download
A. Gil, J. Segura, N.M. Temme On the computation of moments of the partial non-central chi-square distribution function 98–103 download
J. Haslinger, V. Janovský, R. Kučera Path-following the static contact problem with Coulomb friction 104–116 download
J. Hrabě Fast optical tracking of diffusion in time-dependent environment of brain extracellular space 117–123 download
L. Karná, Š. Klapka Detection codes in railway interlocking systems 124–130 download
S. Korotov, M. Křížek On simplicial red refinement in three and higher dimensions 131–139 download
Y. Li, Q. Lin, H. Xie A parallel method for population balance equations based on the method of characteristics 140–149 download
J. Mlýnek, R. Srb Parallel programming and optimization of heat radiation intensity 150–157 download
V. Mošová Integral transforms - the base of recent technologies 158–167 download
G. Opfer, D. Janovská Zero points of quadratic matrix polynomials 168–176 download
V. Podsechin, G. Schernewski Finite element modelling of flow and temperature regime in shallow lakes 177–184 download
J. Považan, B. Riečan Fuzzy sets and small systems 185–187 download
L. Remaki Riemann solution for hyperbolic equations with discontinuous coefficients 188–196 download
P. Sváček, J. Horáček On mathematical modelling of gust response using the finite element method 197–206 download
M.–B. Tran On domain decomposition methods for optimal control problems 207–214 download
J. Vala On the computational identification of temperature-variable characteristics of heat transfer 215–224 download
T. Vejchodský A direct solver for finite element matrices requiring O(N log N) memory places 225–239 download
P. Zhu Spherically symmetric solutions to a model for interface motion by interface diffusion 240–247 download
Z. Zlatev, I. Dimov, I. Faragó, K. Georgiev, Á. Havasi, T. Ostromsky Application of richardson extrapolation with the Crank–Nicolson scheme for multi-dimensional advection 248–256 download
  List of authors 257–257 download
  List of participants 258–260 download

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